Champagne Brut Rosé, Didier Chopin 750ml -France #CDCBR750

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這種玫瑰香檳是通過將白葡萄酒與一些紅葡萄酒 AOC 混合獲得的。 是香檳區是唯一一支,允許將白葡萄酒和紅葡萄酒 以AOC 混合以獲得玫瑰的 AOC 香檳區。 這種干玫瑰由來自 Parcels 的大部分 Pinot meunier 與來自馬恩河谷的粘土和粉筆組成。(60% 黑比諾和 40% 黑比諾) 通過添加作為紅葡萄酒釀造的黑比諾獲得果味和細膩的香氣。 首先,酒的顏色是粉紅色的,帶有鮭魚反射和非常細的氣泡。 接下來,您將享受到小水果和荔枝等水果風味。 總體而言,這款香檳完美地融合了力量和新鮮感,並帶有果味氣息。 這是一款有個性的香檳。 Monsieur CHATTÉ 以優惠的價格提供令人驚嘆的品質。 最後但同樣重要的是,您還可以享受非常優雅的包裝。 作為完美的禮物或寵愛自己。 可與朗格酒、軟奶酪或果味孔泰完美搭配。 與小牛肉、鴨磁鐵或紅色水果的好朋友。 This rosé champagne is obtained by blending white wine with some red wine AOC. It is the only AOC Champagne that allows white and red wines to be blended with AOC to obtain rosé. This dried rose is composed of mostly Pinot meunier from Parcels with clay and chalk from the Marne Valley. (60% Pinot Noir and 40% Pinot Noir) Fruity and delicate aromas are obtained by adding Pinot Noir made as a red wine. First, the wine is pink in color with salmon reflections and very fine bubbles. Next, you will enjoy fruit flavors such as small fruits and lychees. Overall, this champagne is a perfect blend of power and freshness, with fruity notes. This is a champagne with character. Monsieur CHATTÉ offers amazing quality at a great price. Last but not least, you can also enjoy a very elegant packaging. Make the perfect gift or pamper yourself. Perfect with Lange, soft cheeses or fruity comtés. Best friends with veal, duck magnets or red fruit.

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