San Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 12.5% 750ml - Chile #SVCS750DP

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產地: Chile 智利, Central Valley 葡萄品種: Cabernet Sauvignon 赤霞珠 釀酒商:Claudio Goncalves 酒精度:12.5度 容量: 750ml 風味: 紅酒帶濃厚紅寶石和紫羅蘭顏色,香氣帶黑加侖子和黑莓味道,優雅而平衡。單寧是柔軟而成熟。 Our Cabernet Sauvignon has a rich and concentrated ruby-violet colour. The smell has Blackcurrant and black cherries. Elegant with good balance. Its tannins are soft and mature. A great choice to match with red meats, herby dishes or mature cheeses. 合適配襯紅肉和成熟的芝士。

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