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一般 向18歲以下的任何人出售酒精都是違法的。通過下訂單,客戶確認其年齡在18歲或以上。 接受送貨或接機的“客戶”必須年滿18歲或以上,可能需要提供有效的身份證明。 公司將在本網站上更新價格,尺寸和產品詳細信息,恕不另行通知。 訂單由公司全權決定是否接受訂單以及是否有存貨。如果產品缺貨,公司有權向客戶提供類似價值的替代產品。 破損/退款政策 接受交貨後,客戶必須檢查訂單內容,以確保沒有損壞/差異。如果在換貨時接受並批准了該訂單,FP HKWine將不承擔任何後續損失的責任,並且產品無法退款。 如果在交付時發現損壞,客戶應通知快遞,FP HKWine將在2個工作日內進行更換。客戶可以選擇拒絕替換,而僅支付訂單的剩餘價值。 對於因天災,騷亂,洪水,火災,事故,政府干預,禁運,罷工,戰爭,勞工困難,設備故障或任何其他無法控制的原因造成的或由其引起的延誤或故障,公司概不負責。該公司的。 交貨條件 如果收貨人無法在規定的交貨時間接受交貨,FP HKWine保留收取罰款的權利。 FP HKWine保留絕對酌情決定權拒絕或更改交貨訂單的權利。 送貨政策:我們的目標是按照您在訂單中要求的收貨地點以及在您的訂單結帳時我們指定的運送日期(在訂單確認中更新)將產品運送給您;如果我們預計無法在預計的運送日期送貨,我們將嘗試通知您。但是,在法律允許的範圍內,任何由於延遲運送而對您造成的任何損失、責任、成本、損害、收費或費用,我們不承擔任何責任。 GENERAL It is illegal to sell alcohol to any person who is under the age of 18. By placing an order, the Customer confirms that he/she is 18 years old or above. “Customers” accepting delivery or for any pick ups, must be 18 or above, valid identification may be requested. The Company will update prices, size and details of products on this website without prior notice. Orders are subject to Company’s acceptance as its sole discretion and availability of stock, The Company has the right to offer alternative products of similar value to Customers should a product be out of stock. BREAKAGE / REFUND POLICY Upon acceptance of delivery, Customers are required to check the contents of the order to ensure no damages/differences. Should the order be accepted and approved at point of exchange, FP HKWine will not be liable for any damages thereafter and products cannot be refunded. If damages are found upon delivery, Customer should notify the courier and FP HKWine will make replacements within 2 business days. Customers may choose to reject the replacement and only pay for the remaining value of order. FORCE MAJEURE The Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure caused by or resulting from acts of God, riot, flood, fire,accident, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, war, labor difficulties, equipment failures, or any another causes beyond the control of The Company. DELIVERY TERMS FP HKWine reserves the right to charge a penalty if the recipient is not available to accept delivery at the stated delivery time. FP HKWine reserves the rights to decline or change delivery orders at sole discretion absolutely. FP HKWine reserves the right to charge a penalty if the consignee is unable to accept the delivery within the stated delivery time. FP HKWine reserves the right to refuse or change delivery orders in its absolute discretion. Shipping Policy: Our goal is to ship the product to you at the location you requested in your order and on the shipping date (updated in your order confirmation) specified by us at checkout of your order; , we will try to notify you. However, to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for any loss, liability, cost, damage, charge or expense to you as a result of any delay in shipping.